ALFA education

In Swedish:

" Everyone has their puzzle piece of talent.

And as in a puzzle , we can piece together

everyone's good qualities and talents

to a large amazing puzzle "

Welcome to ALFA!


We are a Swedish school / preschool that follows the Swedish curriculum and have experienced teachers .

What makes us unique is our work on life skills for the future.


We welcome everyone regardless of length . You may choose if you want to stay a week, a month, a year or...

why not several years ?

Sounds interesting! In that case we would like to greet you and your family welcome to ALFA , a Swedish school in Thailand


Apply today and write a new chapter in your lives .

Come and visit us

at school


Do you want to come and visit us at the school , you'r welcome to do that on Tuesday, Wednesday and on Friday from 11:30-12:00am


Giv us a call before you come, so that there is someone who can meet you at the door.

School phone : +66 (0 ) 83-5584510




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