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At home ... before the trip!


We at Alfa education send information to the guardian/guardians that describe what you need to bring with you from your home school, planning for the student, school materials that are needed among other things. Approximately 3-4 weeks before school starts we will contact you via email. The email gives information about school start and other information about the school and the studies that is important for you to know before you arrive at school. There is also information about enrollment conversation that is part of the schools structure, and that you need to reserve with us.


For students who are at the school a shorter period of time, less than 17 weeks, the responsibility falls to the guardians along with the home school to secure a planning (Individual Development Plan) as well as school supplies for the student/Child. The guardians will bring with them to ALFA education, the planning of tasks / missions related to the teaching material for the student's time here with us. For students in years 6-9 who do not study through Sofia Distance, always bring with the materials and planning for their time at the school in Thailand.


We have no opportunity to have special halls and therefore cannot offer full instruction in the practical -esthetic subjects. How these tasks should be done is up to the guardians and the home school together to discuss how smoothest solve the issue. One solution is to let the student study the topic before the trip.



In Thailand


We have enrollment call so that the student have an opportunity to become familiar with the school, talk and get to know the teacher and the teacher will get to know the students and their guardians. In order to best accommodate and assist each student, we always have an enrollment conversation before the student makes his/her first school day. During enrollment call, we go through routines and take note of any important information regarding the pupil (social, medical and educational).


We also go through the information provided by home school, such as the Individual Development Plan (IUP) achieved goals, planning for short-term students, and possibly set up action programs. Parents are responsible for ensuring that all necessary information is transferred from the home school.


If possible, it is good if you can book the trip so that you can be there a few days before school starts for enrollment call.


We would like to wish you a warmly welcome to us at ALFA education







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