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What makes the school so unique...


We work with life skills for the future, where we build a secure foundation for our children and students.

Life knowledge gives students the simple tools needed to with limited resources and with little time spent creating major changes in the building of the students/kids self-esteem and self-image.


Knowledge of life, or as it is called LFT, helps to create and build the students / children's self-confidence, social skills and their capacity for conflict management. All this gives students / children invaluable tool for the future.


Get to know yourself early and you will dare to be oneself.


Where can you find us...


Along the Thai eastern coast lies the charming harbor town of Ban Phe and a little further down the coast you will find the small village of Laem Mae Phim.

Here you find our Swedish school with students from Ban Phe, Mae Phim, Mae Ramphung, Pattaya and other areas.

The school is located 180 km south of Bangkok.


Laem Mae Phim is located in Rayong province which is the region with the lowest annual rainfall in Thailand. The area also has the best and longest beaches in Thailand. During weekends and holidays it is a favorite area for Bangkok residents' and there holidays, there is often one sees lots of chartered busses from Bangkok.


It will take you a half hour to get from Laem Mae Phim to Ban Phe, where you can go by boat to the famous holiday island of Koh Samet. And Pattaya is 100 km away, and the airport of Bangkok is just 180 km away.


The school...


Holyday students:

We provide care for children of kindergarten age and school for preschool and elementary school (grades 1-9). Students have with them their topic planning and their textbooks from their home schools and our teacher provides guidance and support, as well as documentation of the student's time at school.

Our experience is that students who study at schools abroad often positioning them self very well against their classmates at their homecoming.


Full-time School:

Children from kindergarten and pre-school up to grade 6, who stay at least one semester, are offered a place in our full-time school. At an enrollment of the-full time school we provide teaching materials, an educational planning of school time and an IUP, individual development plan of learning and abilities to be reached during school hours.


Grades 7-9:

Full-time School for students in grades 7-9 have the opportunity to study towards Sofia distance education. Our teachers act as mentors and help with documentation and submission to Sofia Distance.

Students who are enrolled in Sofia Distance also have a discounted on the tuition fee of ALFA education.


Preschool * Puzzle *:

Accepts children aged about 2 years up to 5 years. Preschool follows Lpfö98 / 10.




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